Flint Hills Nature Trail

Topeka, KS

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Landscape Architecture Overview:

Our design team worked with the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) and Kanza Rail-Trails Conservancy to create a vision for the Flint Hills Nature Trail. This master plan results from months of discussions, public input meetings, and design sessions, directed to making the FHNT one of our nation’s best trails. Components include Wayfinding and Signage and Four Signature Bridges. Working with CFS Engineers, we developed a master plan that breaks the 120-mile trail into a series of interpretive rooms. Each room is based on an important theme in that region, whether it is historical significance, natural landform, or cultural identity, and then makes recommendations on consistent sign aesthetic customized for each “room,” breaking the long trail into a series of smaller trails that can be “owned” by the surrounding community. Four signature bridges are proposed along the Trail to draw attention, promote local economic development, and encourage people to ride the full length. These bridges are in the concept phase. Future phases of work will identify final materials, structural engineering needs, and final construction documents.

  • CLIENT: Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism
  • COMPLETE: June 2019
    • ASLA Central States - Merit Award in Planning & Analysis - 2018
    • ASLA Great Plains Chapter - Honor Award in Planning & Analysis - 2017
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