Immanuel Corporate Office

Omaha, NE

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Interior Design Overview:

Previously scattered amongst five different locations throughout Omaha, Immanuel purchased and renovated four floors of a five-story building to create their new corporate office. Their goal was to create a space that felt like home, was inviting to visitors and employees, and spoke to their mission and approach to care.   The new space incorporates an open-office setting, providing both collaborative work areas and various-sized conference spaces. Integrated for employee use are a chapel and multipurpose room, fitness area, and work café. Environmental graphics depicting bright illustrations of nature symbolize the work the organization does each day, and a history display represents over 100 years of Immanuel’s humanitarian service endeavors.

Architecture Overview:

Furniture Fixtures and Equipment Overview:

Graphic Design Overview:

The environmental graphics at Immanuel headquarters represent the work that the organization does each day through bright illustrations of nature. A donor display overlooking the first floor entrance is an angular representation of a wave with the Immanuel logo at the center. Modular blocks can be removed and printed to include additional donors as needed. The geometric pattern in the legs is influenced by stained glass and the history display in the adjacent hallway. The history display represents over 100 years of humanitarian service. Back-printed, photographic panels are front-printed with type to create depth and visual interest. The background shapes complete the composition and subtly display words that that are a part of Immanuel's "C.H.R.I.S.T Promises" internal company message.

Landscape Architecture Overview:

  • CLIENT: Immanuel
  • SIZE:
    50,200 Sq. Ft. Renovation
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