Pracht Wetlands Park

Wichita, KS

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Landscape Architecture Overview:

At Pracht Wetland Park in Wichita, Kansas, water serves as the driving connection between the site's history, the surrounding residential community and future commercial development. RDG's #design for the Park draws on the idea that water is not an object to be looked at, but rather something to experience in a sensory and tactile way. Overlook structures feature metal gauze enclosures that are softly lit and glow from within, creating a composition reminiscent of a nest, basket or blind. Informed by the flat characteristics of the playa environment, the design creates a sense of openness and transparency that seeks to get people “out into the water.”

  • CLIENT: City of Wichita, Kansas
  • COMPLETE: June 2019
    • Kansas Recreation and Parks Association - Award of Excellence - 2019
    • ASLA Central States - Award of Excellence in Design (Built) - 2021
    • ASLA Great Plains Chapter - Honor Award in Design (Unbuilt) - 2017
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