Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Omaha, NE

Services provided on this project:

Architecture Overview:

Historic Sacred Heart Catholic Church in North Omaha was rededicated on November 23rd by Archbishop George Lucas after working with RDG Planning and Design since 2007 on plans for the renovation. Sacred Heart, almost 110 years old, was in great need of repair -- the original slate roofing had never been replaced, there had been electrical wiring fires, the stain glass was declared dangerous, and plaster was falling from the ceiling. RDG acted as the coordinating professional during the restoration. Fourteen separate scopes of work were negotiated, contracted and managed for the parish and diocese by the design team. The total restoration took about eleven months, and involved closing the church for approximately five months.

Interior Design Overview:

Lighting Design Overview:

Liturgical Furnishings Design Overview:

From paint colors to light fixtures, the goal of the design team of RDG and Bro. William Woeger was to bring the asthetic design of the church back in harmony with the Victorian style of the church. Some points of interest include re-use of the Victorian woodwork, shrines and altar into new arrangements befitting today’s Catholic liturgy and preservation of the first Altar used in Omaha in its early days of existence; Artisan Painting, Stenciling, and Mural Conservation of the numerous existing liturgical painting (Evergreene Architectural Arts); Conservation of floor tile work; Period appropriate landscaping.