The Neighborhood at Indian Creek

Marion, IA

Services provided on this project:

Landscape Architecture Overview:

The Neighborhood at Indian Creek captures the emerging vision of this mixed use development with its Midwestern architectural character and a neighborhood feel through neo-traditional planning. The integration of the large, centrally-located Vaughn Family Park provides gathering space for passive recreation and community events, encouraging neighbors to interact on a regular basis. Neighborhood Square, a small commercial center located in close proximity to the park and major thoroughfares, creates a sense of community as a public gathering and events space at the center of The Neighborhood’s commercial services. The primary feature of The Neighborhood is walkability with uninterrupted walkways on most streets. Driveways and typical residential services are located at the back of houses. Community open space, pedestrian corridors, limited travel distances and centrally located amenities all encourage neighbors to travel by foot and interact with their neighbors.