The City of Clive Greenbelt Master Plan Receives Environmental Planning Award

RDG Planning & Design along with our clients, the City of Clive, are honored to receive the Iowa Chapter of the American Planning Association’s (APA-Iowa) 2017 Environmental Planning Award.

The Clive Greenbelt hosts one of Iowa’s first trails – a trail that remains a key connector for the Central Iowa Trails Network. Adjacent to Walnut Creek and a vibrant, riparian corridor, residents and visitors agree – the trail and Greenbelt serve as this growing community’s “Social Connector” and perhaps its most important amenity, creating the community’s brand: Distinct by Nature.

Our work on the Clive Greenbelt Master Plan amplifies Clive’s natural feature as a recreation center and regional resource. Public engagement included online surveys, on-trail “tweet boxes”, intercept interviews along the trail, participation during the 2015 Clive Festival, public meetings, and citizen surveys. Through intense public engagement and scientific analysis, the plan creates planning goals for the city to continue to leverage positive outcomes from the Clive Greenbelt. These goals are focused on improving habitat, stormwater management, trail connectivity, public health, trail access, economic redevelopment, and policy.

Implementing the plan will result in over 1500 jobs, generate $1million in fiscal revenue, and positively impact the parks and recreation operations and spending. When fully realized, the public health benefits are estimated to save each citizen within the city of Clive over $600 in medical costs.

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