Beach Central
Park: To See
Yourself in

City of Huntington Beach
Huntington Beach, CA
Completion date
July 2023

Sited along a walking path next to the park's Secret Garden, this installation of etched brass and stainless steel responds to the strong character of the architecture of the nearby library and its fountains. 

The installation invites park visitors to explore and reflect upon the natural wonders of the cherished 300-acre Central Park and its anchor, the Huntington Beach Central Library designed by renowned architect Dion Neutra and Associates. The installation is “… art as mirror held up to nature… to see yourself in nature…” inviting visitors to connect with empathy to the energy of the natural world in the park and each other.

Park visitors are welcomed to pause and connect to the beauty of the natural world reflected in the artwork.
The installation reveals connections between nature, light, water, the built world, and our unique perceptions.
“What someone might think of as a butterfly might remind me — or could remind others — of feathers,” Niebuhr said. It was intentional, to have it be open. There’s never any right or wrong answer in art, but you can invite someone to contemplate.
Lynn Semeta, (Former) Mayor of Huntington Beach, said, “It’s really just a dream come true for me. When I first went into public service, a big goal of mine was always to bring more public art to the city, and here we are. It took longer than I thought, but we’re here.”
The installation is an invitation to explore and discover patterns found in nature.