Menno Haven
Life Center

Menno Haven Retirement Communities
Chambersburg, PA
Completion date
November 2019

Located in historic Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Menno Haven Retirement Community's bold vision for senior living is rooted in the link between social interaction and healthy aging. In keeping with this vision, their directive for a new community center was to create spaces that encourage active living and social connection.

RDG's design for the newly-constructed Menno Haven Life Center, which serves as the firm's fourth collaboration with Menno Haven, creates a hub for community activities, encompassing a 33,000-SF space where residents can come together for a variety of enriching activities.The Center features spaces for gathering and outdoor activities, including a restaurant and coffee shop, movie theater, art center, a 250-seat banquet center and the Haven Salon and Spa, an upscale, full-service space featuring an illuminated, hand-carved Himalayan salt wall. The building's position at the center of campus ensures convenient access from all points of the community, and is part of Project Genesis, Menno Haven's five-year strategic master plan. 

Menno Haven Life Center in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Photos by Alise O'Brien.