MLK Brickstone

Hatch Development Group
Des Moines, IA
36,864 SF
Completion date
October 2012

Inspired by Baltimore rowhouses, the MLK Brickstones exude Victorian-style character with a prominent clock tower, covered porticos and stylish balconies. 

Inside, brickstones provide well-finished, contemporary apartment living layouts that include 9-foot ceilings, kitchen islands and spectacular views of downtown. A communal computer center, laundry facility and geothermal heating add to the appeal. Highly visible from the Interstate, this multi-phase project delivered much needed housing to a blighted area in need of turnaround. Phase I consists of 18 apartments. Phase II added 30 apartment units. The project, which improved walkability and demonstrated a reinvestment in the area, was celebrated by community leaders and neighborhood advocates.