RiverWoods Group
Exeter, NH

Having worked with the RiverWoods Group previously on the greenfield development of RiverWoods Durham, RDG was pleased to assist with the renovations of the Exeter Campus. 

A critical component to this project was the ability to facilitate a process of engagement and participation with the resident committee, comprised of 23 residents, formed to provide feedback to the design team on design solutions, direction and aesthetics. While this project remains in construction, we have seen success from the inclusive process and positive feedback from the staff and residents.  

When completed, the community will feature a renovated multipurpose gathering room, new lobby and reception, club room and salon. Existing Independent Living corridors received new finishes, lighting and furnishings. One of the largest changes comes with the renovation of the existing dining rooms. Once comprised of a main formal dining room and a private dining room, the new plan will offer a renovated private dining room, a smaller formal dining venue and a third venue that offers a more casual and light fare with grab-and-go options.