St. Vincent de

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church
Omaha, NE

Based on research of St. Vincent de Paul's life and times, the architectural character and artwork reflects a Neo-French Gothic style of architecture with references to St. Lazare, the last residence of St. Vincent de Paul in Paris. 

While the exterior form suggests a traditional Basilical plan, the interior provides an open, centrally-focused worship space in support of modern liturgy. Beginning in 1992 with a 15 acre property located on the Champions Golf Course and in the midst of a growing residential neighborhood, RDG worked with the parish to define a vision that has carried it through five phases of construction and eighteen years of development. The design has been refined and needs rearticulated through each phase, from completion of the school in 1993 through completion of the worship center, parish hall and fellowship space. From the first meeting with the planning committee it became clear that the parish was looking for a building that "looks like a church." The RDG team spent the next few months working closely with the parish to articulate what "looking like a church" meant. Throughout the process, our journey together brought the parish to a greater understanding of the history of the Roman Catholic Church, both spiritually and architecturally.  

Lighting Design Honor Award
Lighting Design Honor Award - Illuminating Society of North America
Honor Award for Excellence in Masonry
AIA Nebraska Chapter