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University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI
79,331 SF
Completion date
May 2016

Active and immersive learning is the foundation for this new facility, positioning the School of Nursing program as a leader in nursing education by attracting top students. 

The vision of the University of Michigan has always been to serve its community and influence the world through the leaders and citizens it touches. This theme is woven throughout the campus and is evident in the university's investment in creating collaborative environments where relationships are fostered. In 2011, RDG designers lead users through a workshop entitled, "Evolving Pedagogy and the Future of Learning Environment Design," which provided the pedagogical foundation for the future of the campus and directed the design of future learning environments. From this effort, RDG worked with the university to realize its vision for two health science education projects: a school of nursing and a college of pharmacy.

Reflective of the university's directive that technology should enhance, not impede the student experience, RDG's design blends a mix of flexible and active lecture-based classrooms. Spaces are configured around clinical teams of six and designed to support lecture-style learning as well as technology-enhanced small-group work. With a nod to a more formal environment, RDG's design for the space also incorporates a fixed table with an articulated monitor, which can be stowed away during lectures and then rise from the table to support small group work. Additionally, flexible flat-floor environments allow for reconfiguration to support pre-brief and debriefing in the adjacent simulation suite. Every classroom is supported by dual projection screens, linked to each of the small group monitors. In addition to projecting a variety of content simultaneously, faculty can project from any small group.

Student and faculty gathering areas establish a culture of collegiality and collaboration. Groups can gather in well-appointed spaces between classes, creating a buzz of activity and energy in the building. This space is critical to the operation of the simulation suite, allowing for the transition of cohorts without interrupting scenarios. These spaces also include stunning views of the campus, allowing users to enjoy the outside from within the facility.

Relevant Facility Program:

• Active Learning Media Technology Classroom

• Active Learning Classroom

• Community and Collaboration Spaces

• Small Group Rooms

University of Michigan School of Nursing simulation laboratory
University of Michigan School of Nursing commons and primary stair.
University of Michigan School of Nursing assessment laboratory.
University of Michigan School of Nursing simulation lab.