Life Care Services Corporation
Greensboro, NC
237,868 SF
Completion date
January 2023

This extensive project features the addition of Independent Living (IL) units, a new Assisted Living (AL) building, and the phased renovation of the existing Care and Wellness Center (CWC) building, all while maintaining a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality to serve the community's evolving needs. 

The WhiteStone Retirement Community project in Greensboro, North Carolina, is the first and oldest Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in the state and the inaugural Masonic Fraternal Home in the U.S. dedicated to the care of older adults, embarked on this expansive multi-phase project to cater to the evolving needs of the community. This Life Plan Community, historically rooted in Masonic and Eastern Star traditions, now extends its welcoming arms to all who seek an enriched, secure retirement lifestyle.   

Focused on enhancing the quality of life and ensuring a continuum of care, the project introduces new Independent Living (IL) units, an Assisted Living (AL) building, and a phased renovation of the Care and Wellness Center (CWC) that includes skilled nursing and other amenities. These enhancements not only align with WhiteStone's commitment to friendship and compassion but also address the urgent need to modernize the outdated CWC building. A primary design goal was to give each building its own identity while still offering consistent elements throughout the community to offer consistency throughout the campus. The IL addition seeks to broaden independent living options while maintaining the community's signature southern charm and includes new resident units and a new salon.   

The new AL building is a three-story building that introduces a dedicated memory support floor alongside PT/OT services on the main floor to connect wellness aspects of the community. The transitional design incorporates varied color palettes and features on each floor. Incorporating an AL facility was crucial in broadening the care spectrum, linking it seamlessly with the existing wellness infrastructure to foster a holistic health environment. The renovation of the CWC building, meanwhile, revitalizes many spaces into a modern, welcoming hub with updated amenities, enhancing the community's overall living experience. The renovation includes two skilled care neighborhoods with dining, living, and activity components, as well as updates to the library, private dining, administrative suite, salon and some of the resident units.    

Large, bold, colorful artwork pieces throughout the project reinforce the design while creating unique moments of pause and interest as you navigate through the campus buildings. RDG collaborated with LCS Development and SFCS Architects and provided interior design and FF&E planning and procurement services.