RDG in the Media: Green-Roof Logo Lifts Loyola Brand to New Heights

June 30, 2022
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Athletic Business spoke with RDG landscape architect Sara Poetting to discuss what sets the Alfie Norville Practice Facility apart from the rest.

Loyola University Chicago implements sustainability-minded mandates on all its buildings and the Alfie Norville Practice Facility would be no different. Before opening in August 2019, it was decided that the new basketball and volleyball facility would be topped with a green roof. 

RDG Planning & Design designed the pattern — a portion of the LU Wolf face peeking from within the available image area proportions using the Live Roof grid system and four different blends of perennial sedum plants.

The Alfie Norville Practice Facility in Chicago, Illinois by RDG. Photo by IRIS22 Productions.

“With green roofs, the trend is often to have one monochromatic plant system — all one color, very clean — or the very organic, large drifts of different plants that look very natural,” says Poetting. 

Poetting describes the grid system and logo as a chance to get creative and play with the design. The green roof celebrates both the process of how the systems are put together and the student-athletes who use the facility.

Read more about the green roof at Loyola University Chicago here.

Written by Erin Van Zee, Communications Director