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Cedar Rapids, IA

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Community Planning Overview:

Cedar Rapids is a city of great resiliency and vision. Following the 2008 floods, many of the 128,000 residents experienced great devastation, and the rebuilding process included development of a shared vision among hundreds of Cedar Rapids residents. Through open public meetings, stakeholder workshops, sessions with high school students, and a series of tabletop talks, numerous voices in the community were heard. Common themes emerged and became the founding principles of the plan; StrengthenCR, GrowCR, ConnectCR, GreenCR, InvestCR, and ProtectCR. The award-winning plan defined numerous initiatives to accomplish its goals. Followed by metrics to track its implementation.

  • CLIENT: City of Cedar Rapids
  • COMPLETE: March 2015
    • APA Iowa Chapter - Daniel Burnham Award for a Comprehensive Plan - 2015
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