Forest County Potawatomi Community Center

Crandon, WI

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Architecture Overview:

Nestled within the vast wooded expanse of northern Wisconsin lies thayék ethë dnêkmëgzêk myéw, the place where everybody plays. The Forest County Potawatomi People sought to create a space for children whose families had been impacted by drug and alcohol addiction–a place of wellness, a place of rest and a place of community. Our team worked closely with tribal leaders to develop a design that is both culturally significant and programmatically appropriate, weaving natural imagery into the building's interior and exterior elements.

Art Studio Overview:

Seasons is a visual story of the Twelve Moons (icons) rendered in glass mosaic interpreting Native American Forest County Potawatomi cultural symbols. References to the twelve-month calendar and seasonal events wrap four support columns framing the FCP Community Center Commons central meeting place.

Multimedia Overview:

  • CLIENT: Forest County Potawatomi Community
  • COMPLETE: August 2021
  • SIZE:
    108,916 Sq. Ft. of New Construction
    • Athletic Business Magazine - Facility of Merit Award - 2022
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Migwetth (Thank You) to RDG for your dedicated work. I had spent two years with a dream of developing an inspirational community center like the one you have designed for us. From the infancy of this project your firm provided good medicine (direction) to all of us . . . To me, it was such a natural way of working together.

- Thomas Boelter, FC Potawatomi Director of Education