Forest County Potawatomi Community Center

Crandon, WI

Services provided on this project:

Architecture Overview:

Beautifully nestled in a 5,000-acre wood, this dynamic facility is the epicenter of physical and wellness activity for the entire Potawatomi community. Created to serve passive and active programs, both indoors and out, the facility is a beacon to this region and all the people who use it. Whether serving family recreation, the respected elders, or serving as an active learning environment, the diversity of spaces yields high potential.  It is additionally designed to well serve regular large gatherings of the Forest County Potawatomi tribe, including their annual Pow Wow that draws thousands to the facility.

Art Studio Overview:

Multimedia Overview:

Migwetth (Thank You) to RDG for your dedicated work. I had spent two years with a dream of developing an inspirational community center like the one you have designed for us. From the infancy of this project your firm provided good medicine (direction) to all of us . . . To me, it was such a natural way of working together.

- Thomas Boelter, FC Potawatomi Director of Education