Kansas Byways Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

Topeka, KS

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Community Planning Overview:

The mission of Active Byways for Kansas is to explore the feasibility of enhancing the Kansas Byways system to increase use by pedestrians and bicyclists. The plan identifies both broad policies and initiatives that apply to all 11 corridors, and very specific strategies for improved bike and pedestrian features tailored to each of the individual byways. These recommendations were built upon extensive research, including personally riding each of the routes and meeting with local stakeholders. The opportunities and amenities along each corridor and within the surrounding area were inventoried and mapped. The final plan provides a tool to be used on a statewide and a local level to improve the user experience and attract visitors, and a roadmap to increasing rural development opportunities and opening the wonders of this beautiful and sometimes under-appreciated state to new audiences.

  • CLIENT: State of Kansas Department of Transportation and Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism
  • COMPLETE: December 2016
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