Simpson College Pedestrian Plaza

Indianola, IA

Services provided on this project:

Landscape Architecture Overview:

This project transformed a former vehicular-oriented street into a walkable mall for Simpson College and the City of Indianola communities. The plaza, stretching nearly a quarter mile long, features a juxtaposition of solid geometry and swooping, curvilinear paving bands that create both a direction for movement through campus, as well as a series of spaces to relax, hold class, tailgate, or even accommodate a large event.

Art Studio Overview:

Based on the history of Simpson College from a book entitled Beneath the Whispering Maples by Joseph W. Walt, the sculptural icon becomes a destination feature in the center of the new C Street Pedestrian Plaza. Positive / negative images of maple trees in pattern-cut weathering steel are illuminated by LED. Passages from the book are imbedded in glass and illuminated by color changing LED. The sculpture creates a gathering place and photographic moment for college ceremonies and welcoming visitors.