Southeast Connector Bridge

Des Moines, IA

Services provided on this project:

Landscape Architecture Overview:

The consultant team worked with a client stakeholder group to develop a the aesthetics concepts. The resulting design drew on industrial elements from nearby architecture to create a unique bridge that serves as the Southern bookend to the Des Moines Riverwalk. Lighting, materials, and color tie both the MLK Jr. Parkway streetscape and other riverwalk bridges together. To keep costs down, the design focused on enhancing standard bridge elements such as piers, railings, entrance monuments, slope protection, and lighting to create a an aesthetically pleasing post and beam bridge. The bridge has four vehicular lanes, two on-street bicycle lanes, and multipurpose trails.

  • CLIENT: Des Moines, IA
  • COMPLETE: December 2010
  • SIZE:
    704 Linear Feet
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    Urban Design