Tall City Tomorrow

Midland, TX

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Community Planning Overview:

Midland is a city whose fortunes were traditionally tied to oil industry cycles. But in the 21st Century, it is a growing and vibrant community balancing its traditions with big city challenges. Developed through a robust and inclusive community engagement process, the Tall City Tomorrow Plan lays out action-oriented initiatives tailored to Midland’s unique character. Major concepts include transportation improvements designed to address issues of congestion and transportation choice; productive use of features like drainage washes and even pumpjacks; and quality of life features that attract and retain young families and retirees alike. Of particular importance is a downtown policy framework that conceives of an expansive and diverse central district composed of two major nodes: the traditional downtown employment center and a “Village” district adjacent to the city’s medical center, connected by a mixed use corridor that includes the city’s museum cluster. The city center concept is consistent with RDG’s goal of understanding and building on the unique essence of each of our communities.