Towncrest Urban Renewal Area

Iowa City, IA

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Landscape Architecture Overview:

The 50 Acre Towncrest Redevelopment Area was initially developed in the late 1950's and 1960's as an innovative Medical Office park. At the time it was at Iowa City's urban edge, approximately 2 miles from downtown. Since that time the City has grown to envelope the area. Towncrest is now surrounded by well-connected neighborhoods with a diverse residential population. However, the public realm (streetscape, landscape, architecture, etc.) within Towncrest had degraded or become dated over 50 years and was no longer attracting and retaining business. The area needed to be re-imagined and repurposed as a social and commercial center for the surrounding neighborhoods.  DG Planning & Design was engaged in the Summer of 2010 to develop a new vision for the Towncrest Redevelopment Area and a Design Plan document setting the framework for its implementation. Through a strong public engagement process (public meetings, stakeholder interviews, project website, etc.) and multiple meetings with the project Steering Committee a progressive and creative vision for the future of the public realm within Towncrest was crafted. Streetscape, landscape and architecture were all carefully considered and thoughtfully addressed to develop a cohesive aesthetic that is unique to Towncrest and one that can be implemented over the long-term. Since the plan's completion the City of Iowa City has quickly proceeded to implement the plan.

  • CLIENT: Iowa City, IA
  • SIZE:
    50 Acres
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