Environments for Aging Names Winners Of Annual Design Showcase

We’re thrilled to share that the Menno Haven rehabilitation center in Franklin County, Pennsylvania has been selected as one of the winners of the 22nd annual Environments for Aging (EFA) Design Showcase awards! The Menno Haven project received an Honorable Mention, and along with other winners will be recognized at the EFA Expo & Conference in Savannah, Georgia, during a luncheon ceremony on April 22.

A jury appointed by The Society for the Advancement of Gerontological Environments (SAGE), The Center for Health Design, the International Interior Design Association, and the American Society of Interior Designers reviewed submitted senior living projects that ranged from new construction and remodel/renovation to conceptual drawings.

About Menno Haven
Currently under construction, the new 44-bed rehabilitation center at Menno Haven will elevate post-acute care in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. The project, which is pursuing WELL Building certification, is designed with a specific focus on whole-person healing and the incorporation of research-based elements intended to promote the physical, emotional, and spiritual growth of guests.

Biophilic design was a focus during the design process because research has found that incorporating elements from nature into the built environment improves recovery times and increases engagement by feeding occupants’ desire for connection with their local environment.

Ten-foot ceilings and full height windows in gathering places establish a physical connection with the outdoors by negating the separation between inside and outside. The therapy courtyard is designed to provide passive therapy opportunities in a relaxing, hospitality-focused space.

Guest suites (the primary patient environment) were designed to reinforce healthy sleep patterns, accelerate recovery times, and reduce dependence on artificial lighting. Each guest suite achieves spatial daylight autonomy by receiving at least 30 footcandles of natural illumination during daytime hours. Both windows in the guest suites have 100 percent blackout shades that operate independently to also allow for rest and recovery during daylight hours.

Furthermore, nature is incorporated into these spaces through textures and live plant materials. Each guest suite incorporates lower window sill heights than typical in skilled nursing to promote a connection with the landscape directly outside of the room.

The project will also include features deliberately intended for human delight and celebration (of culture, spirit, space, and place), including elements from the local climate, ecology, culture, and landscape. Artwork throughout the building will incorporate the area’s Civil War, religious, and agrarian histories as well as landscape features and activities common in the Cumberland Valley.

Other non-traditional features included in this building are ultraviolet lamps in HVAC cooling coils, MERV 13 media filters and carbon filtration throughout HVAC system, the elimination of pesticide and herbicide use on plants, building water filters to ensure the highest quality drinking water, the promotion of non-fried fruit and vegetable options, a prominently located health and wellness library, and a focus on reducing internally generated noise.

Additionally, Menno Haven is exploring the creation of several employee benefits that are recommended by WELL which will impact all employees.

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