Vision Derby

City of Derby
Derby, KS
Completion date
October 2020

The Vision Derby 2040 Plan focuses on incorporating mixed-use development, establishing an active transportation system, and strengthening a greenway system through the heart of  the city. 

Derby (pop. 23,000) is a growing suburb in the Wichita area, influenced by its proximity to one of the region's larger employers, McConnell Airforce Base. Derby's suburban-style development had become the dominant form of growth. RDG's plan applied horizontal mixed-use along active transportation boulevards as a pivotal strategy to steer the identity of the community. Concepts for the city's town center focuses on reviving the area with events and activities, complemented by redevelopment. The plan includes policy initiatives and detailed demonstrations for the plan's elements. 

Derby Parks Plan
Major arterial street 100 foot ROW, 4 -lane with median turn lane
Grand tour complexity
Vacant Developable Parcels Map