Gray's Station
Plan and

Hubbell Realty
Des Moines, IA
84 acres
Completion date
May 2020

RDG led an effort for Hubbell Realty to create a plan and vision for 84 acres of land on the southern edge of downtown Des Moines. Gray's Station is envisioned as a vibrant and vital neighborhood where people of all ages enjoy a unique and essential combination of urban and natural amenities every day. 

With a focus on wellness, Gray's Station neighborhood will be built on a green framework that prioritizes the safe movement of pedestrians and bicyclists over the efficient movement of motorists. Physical and social connections among people will occur through lush greenways, naturalized detention, ample neighborhood parks and intimate passages throughout. After completing the master plan, RDG's contributions to the neighborhood design have continued into many early-phase implementations of the public realm features. These contributions include the design of the wetland detention basin, the greenway systems, streetscapes and the Linc Plaza. Credits: 3D Rendering by Cross Studio on behalf of Hubbell Realty 

Grays Station Greenspace and event
Community Green Space sidewalk and plantings.
Greenspace bicycle facilities and residential development.
Urban Design Award
APA Iowa Chapter