Park Avenue

City of Omaha
Omaha, NE
Completion date
December 2009

The Park Avenue Redevelopment Study created a foundation and roadmap for stabilizing and revitalizing a unique and diverse yet struggling Midtown Omaha neighborhood. The study is based on the premise that a plan should consider both market and human conditions. 

Our engagement process and the market-driven plan translated directly to private sector action, thus identifying small projects with big impacts. Additionally, the study provided extensive conceptual detail with clear development policies to guide reinvestment in targeted areas.   While the plan laid the groundwork for the extensive use of redevelopment tools, the energy created by these projects has resulted in new businesses and investment in hundreds of other units across the neighborhood. By 2015, when the study was recognized by the Nebraska APA Chapter for successful implementation, over $30 million had already been invested and since then millions more have been invested in new retail and housing.  

Implementation Award
APA Nebraska Chapter