Plaza de la

Latino Economic Development Council and Canopy South
Omaha, NE

The Plaza de la Raza is a redevelopment project years in the making. This public plaza and park spaces are being planned through close collaboration between RDG and the Latino Economic Development Council (LEDC) as well as Canopy South, a South Omaha-focused nonprofit.

Through proactive planning and conceptual design, LEDC and Canopy South have secured funding for this project from the state of Nebraska's Department of Economic Development. The project will redevelop an existing city-owned parking lot and create a civic space like no other in South Omaha. 

Welcoming plaza space, custom shade structures, and thoughtful integration of grade change and play areas integrate with a much-needed performance space with strong connections to adjacent businesses within this thriving business district to create a space that will support existing endeavors while inviting more visitors to South Omaha.