St. Joseph, MO

The City of St. Joseph
st. Joseph, MO

In 2018 St. Joseph embarked on an effort to develop a comprehensive plan. The Pandemic resulted in the process being put on hold but in 2021 the city engaged RDG to help the community complete the process. To avoid repeating previous work and community engagement, the RDG team created a streamlined approach to complete the study in less than a year. 

The plan focused on six guiding principles: community image, connectivity, equity, anticipating change, proactively managing development, and parks and pathways. The land use plan focused on building a nationally recognized park and boulevard system to unite historically disinvested neighborhoods with community services and jobs. Ultimately, the plan strives to bring a more equitable and balanced approach to where and how growth and community investment occur within the city. 

The public engagement process was lighter than usual on this particular project due to the city's efforts in 2018 and the smaller budget the City had to complete the process. To accommodate these constraints and still base the project on a solid understanding of the community, RDG led a series of listening sessions, two open houses, and the development of an online survey in English, Spanish, and Burmese.