Water, You and

City of Boynton Beach
Boynton Beach, FL
16'x16'x14'; mural of 5 panels 10'x3'
Completion date
January 2018

Entitled "Water, You and I," this public art installation for the East Water Treatment Plant in Boynton Beach is based on the processes of porosity in water filtration. 

The stainless-steel water "pavilion" provides a special place for the public to access clean, potable water, while interpreting the role of porosity in nature and the role of the treatment plant. An accompanying graphic mural on the background wall highlights the geology of the Floridan Aquifer. The installation is strategically located within the adjacent park for both pedestrians and vehicles.┬áThe project began with writing a water haiku poem, a story that is embodied in the physical sculptural structure. Incorporating interior LED illumination, the installation's "conversation" with its site changes from day to night.