Center Street Skywalk Experiential Graphics

Des Moines, IA

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Graphic Design Overview:

While the recently revamped Center Street Skywalk is the primary pathway to the Iowa Events Center, the view from its windows was the venue’s loading docks. Wanting to obscure this view and focus on the events and places that bring life and beauty to the city of Des Moines, giant, stylized, black and white photographic images were chosen to tell a tale of the city. While these graphics provide "cover" for the view, they also instill excitement as skywalk users recognize and relate to the images, as well as curiosity among visitors as they see Des Moines images they may not yet know. And, as streetlights come on, a walk across the street below unveils yet another reason why environmental graphics are a powerful addition to the Skywalk.

  • CLIENT: Polk County
  • COMPLETE: March 2018
    • The Communicator Awards - Award of Distinction - Outdoor / Environmental-Other for Print Advertising - 2018
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