Goodwill ReServe

Omaha, NE

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Interior Design Overview:

What was once old is now new, and following suit comes forth a new train of thought to embrace cultural diversity. Deviating from normal bureaucratic lines to capture opportunity, adhocracy organizes culture in a way that is individualistic and celebratory. Fitted within an urban context the space holds the character of a repurposed building. Folds of tactum board extenuate treasures by framing objects and repurposed goods. Intrinsically, this aligns with a methodology that allows the product to be interpreted by the viewer. The white washed oriented strand board performs as a backdrop to the product on display, yet demands equal amount of attention. Display platforms are scattered through out to encourage the user to delve into the past. The exploratory process reveals the mission of both the company and the design: to unveil and repurpose treasures.

  • CLIENT: Goodwill Industries
  • COMPLETE: April 2011
    • IIDA Interior Design Excellence Awards - Gold Award in Environment on a Budget - 2012
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