RDG - 301 Grand Office Remodel

Des Moines, IA

Services provided on this project:

Architecture Overview:

This renovation project responds to the firm’s vision: future-focused, flexible, and collaborative. The environment fosters engagement and supports creative problem solving in a varied, flexible landscape, empowering workers to choose the space that suits their activity. Biophilia is integrated throughout to enhance health and wellbeing, with natural elements and finishes connecting users to the physical environment.

Interior Design Overview:

A variety of open and enclosed meeting rooms designed to support numerous postures allow staff to gather for spontaneous, unstructured exchanges as well as for more deliberative teamwork. Smaller conference rooms are provided to give staff an acoustically controlled space for uninterrupted focus when needed.

Lighting Design Overview:

  • COMPLETE: March 2020
    • IIDA Great Plains Chapter - Interior Design Excellence Award - 2021
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