FNBO Tower Transformation

Omaha, NE

Services provided on this project:

Interior Design Overview:

FNBO, formerly First National Bank of Omaha, partnered with RDG Planning & Design to reposition and reimagine its real estate assets for the workplace of the future. This deliberate and integrated transformation of their workplace and technology enables FNBO to evolve to work differently and to meet the ever-changing demands of the workplace in the future. This modern, flexible workplace facilitates flexibility, collaboration, and mobility and improves the facility design and technologies that connect people seamlessly.   With 21 floors, 400,000 square feet, and an investment of over $50M in the next three to five years, the facility design strategy supports how employees work and hinges on an intentional design approach. A carefully curated set of standards that include a system of benchmarks, space planning ratios, math + modeling, and focused programming sessions allows each floor to be programmed and designed in an expedited fashion. Inherent in this approach is the flexibility to adjust layouts, and to move employees quickly and easily to adapt to the ever-evolving work demands is key to efficiency and operational excellence.

  • CLIENT: First National Bank
  • COMPLETE: Estimated October 2023
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