Nebraska Medicine Cardiac Cath Lab Renovation

Omaha, NE

Services provided on this project:

  • Architecture,
  • Furniture Fixtures and Equipment,
  • Interior Design,

Architecture Overview:

In keeping with its mission to lead the world in transforming lives through premier educational programs, innovative research and extraordinary patient care, Nebraska Medicine engaged RDG to upgrade existing operating and support spaces within its cardiac catheterization and electrophysiology (EP) labs. The facilities, which had not been renovated since originally built in the early ‘90s, no longer met current code or patient satisfaction standards. RDG’s design process involved weekly meetings to engage with Nebraska Medicine stakeholders, including facilities and equipment purchasing staff, surgeons, department managers and nursing staff to best understand the needs for the renovated spaces. The resulting design creates a new space that not only meets current codes and guidelines, but also accommodates a wider range and volume of procedures and improves the overall patient and provider experience. Located at the Nebraska Medical Center’s Durham Outpatient Center, RDG’s design for the renovated cath lab encompasses 23,000-SF of space: seven surgical suites individually designed for a different type of minimally invasive heart test or procedure, nearly 20 private pre- and post-op recovery rooms, a new “radial lounge” where patients who underwent less complicated procedures can recover in seated recliners and a hybrid OR, one of only two spaces on the campus that can serve as both a surgical area and a procedural room. The design also creates an expanded check-in desk to help reduce wait times and a flexible, multifunctional waiting room on the second level, which offers a variety of privacy and seating options for caregivers. By expanding the overall space, RDG’s design helps Nebraska Medicine consolidate its cardiovascular services into a shared location, helping increase efficiency for providers and capacity for patients and families.

Furniture Fixtures and Equipment Overview:

Interior Design Overview: