Today should not sacrifice tomorrow. Our definition of sustainable practice cuts to the core of our commitment to stewardship and our constant drive to find ways to minimize the footprint of our designs while effecting positive change for the planet.

Our approach to climate change mitigation is rooted in RDG's collective commitment to create meaning together. Regardless of the viewpoints or politics of ourselves or our clients, we look to create spaces that are well-planned and designed and sustainable. We consider human, ecological and economic impacts fundamental to shaping a client's vision and developing their project.

From resilient stormwater management strategies to relationships with local partners and supply chains to affordable maintenance plans, we believe each project is an opportunity to consider how long-term viability and vitality help communities across the country cut carbon emissions, improve ecosystem services and embrace climate adaptivity.

Our team is experienced in both LEED and WELL strategies and certifications, and we’re constantly looking for ways to advance health and well-being through design that supports the intersection of health, sustainability and climate resilience.

We believe beautiful design is sustainable design and that together, we can create resilient and healthy environments that benefit both humankind and the planet for generations to come.